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TeamSpeak 3 Voice Servers at Acera

Voice servers are a great way to speak with your peers in real-time. Whether it’s just a group of friends getting together to chat about recent events, or a group of gamers getting together to collaborate and beat the other team(s), voice servers are a fantastic tool to have for any event. At Acera, we welcome you to take advantage of the many features we offer for some of the lowest prices in the industry.

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Custom TeamSpeak 3 Hostnames

Acera Hosting offers custom hostnames to all of its clients free of charge. Custom hostnames are a great asset to your clan or community because they provide you with a easy and memorable way to connect to your TeamSpeak server.

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DDoS Protection
All Acera services have automated DDoS protection practices in place to ensure your server receives maximum uptime.
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Every order that is placed with Acera (with exception to dedicated servers) are setup and provisioned as soon as payment is made.
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