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DDoS-Protected Minecraft Hosting

It even protects against creepers.
Minecraft is easily one of the most popular computer games on the planet right now. Angled towards individuals who love expressing their creativity love this game because it gives them hours of building and customization through a limitless world. Our blazing fast Minecraft servers controlled by Multicraft allow you to play this game with your friends so you can hold competitions and collaboration together.

Our DDoS protected Minecraft hosting here at Acera will blow your mind away at the power our nodes have along with the low pings and reliable bandwidth offered from our upstream providers. Check out more information about our control panel below and the features we have to offer. What do you have to lose?

To get started, choose a plan from the list below.
Plan RAM Hard Drive Space Network Protection Price Order
Dirt Plan
Ideal For 20 Players
1GB Unlimited DDoS Protected $7.99/m Customize
Iron Plan
Ideal For 40 Players
2GB Unlimited DDoS Protected $16.99/m Customize
Gold Plan
Ideal For 80 Players
4GB Unlimited DDoS Protected $29.99/m Customize
Diamond Plan
Ideal For 100 Players
6GB Unlimited DDoS Protected $39.99/m Customize
Emerald Plan
Ideal For 100+ Players
8GB Unlimited DDoS Protected $54.99/m Customize
Our Control Panel
We only utilize the industry-leading Multicraft control panel.
Manage every aspect of your server in just a few clicks.

  1. View/Change Server Information
  2. Live Feed of Server Console
  3. Full Web-Based and Client FTP Access
  4. Live Server Chat Feed
  5. Manage All Server Settings Directly From The Panel

Here are some of the powerful features we offer:

- Run any .jar file you want! We don't limit what you can do with it.

- Configure daily or hourly tasks like restart, backup, or broadcast a message. (and more!)

- Access to a free MySQL database directly from your control panel (PHPMyAdmin included!)

- We give you your own FREE dedicated IP address! No more ugly port numbers or noisy neighbors!

- Want to start from scratch? You can wipe your server clean and start over with only a few clicks!

- That's a nice server you have- It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it. (We offer FREE backups!)

- Have a problem plugin? You can manage plugins directly from the panel. Easy in case you're stuck at work or in class!

Why Choose Us?
Let us tell you why we are so great
DDoS Protection
All Acera services have automated DDoS protection practices in place to ensure your server receives maximum uptime.
Instant Setup
Every order that is placed with Acera (with exception to dedicated servers) are setup and provisioned as soon as payment is made.
FREE Automated Backups
Configure your server to automatically backup everything. Have your server backed-up and deploy them whenever you need to, ensuring that you never lose your vital data!